Your franchise in just 3 steps

Here’s an idea, Unbeatable prices with Great Customer Service….
Is it even possible?

Let’s start by getting the basics right. Getting the right people on board is only part of the process,
finding the right location is another, supporting you is where we excel…


Congratulations you’ve taken it!!

Meeting with us and exploring the opportunity is your first step to owning your own Milano Low Cost Hairdressers Salon

In this meeting we will:


Putting you in control of your business
right from the start

Helping you with your research of the area you want to operate in

Helping with funding, business planning and cashflow forecasting is vital if you
are to be successful

As part of your research
you will be looking for

A territory with a minimum of 10,000 inhabitants with easy access to your salon to drive sales

Commercial premises between 80m2 and 120m2. Located in an area where the market study has been favorable


Take control
Become a Milano Low Cost Hairdressers franchisee

Milano Low Cost Hairdressers revolutionises the hair & beauty sector

All our products are exclusively designed for Milano. Following the highest quality standards recognised by the best producers of hair and beauty products in the world. This sets us apart from the rest of the market.

Franchisees are able to offer unbeatable prices to our customers.

You will get…

If you need more information, you can leave us your contact details and we will call you back as soon as possible